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Cosplay Dagger.

I must admit I wasn't that aware of "cosplay" until a few of our nieces and nephews expressed a need for a "cosplay dagger" after they returned from the recent cosplay event "Tokyo in Tulsa" (http://www.tokyointulsa.com, of which I have no affiliation). So I designed, 3D printed and assembled "Cosplay Dagger" for them.

I've included the files for printing the "Cosplay Dagger" components as well as a link to my "Cosplay Dagger" tutorial video showing the Autodesk Fusion 360 steps I took to design the model and the few steps I took to assemble it.

For our "Cosplay Daggers", I printed the parts with no support and 20% infill, but at various layer heights. I experienced excellent results for the pommel components at .06mm, the blades (did I say blade"s"?) at .1mm (with a brim for adhesion), the guard at .15mm, and the handle (with a brim for adhesion) at .15mm. The model uses 12 by 1.75mm threads for assembly and I used appropriate taps and dies to clean the threads prior to assembly. For added strength, you may wish to apply small dots of thick cyanoacrylate glue to the mating surfaces prior to threading them in place, just remember, swapping blades (did I say blade"s" again???) will not be possible after gluing.

I probably forget something (like a second blade file?), so feel free to send me a comment and I'll do my best to remember.

Designed using Autodesk Fusion 360, sliced using Cura 4.2, and printed in PLA on an Ultimaker 2+ Extended and an Ultimaker 3 Extended.

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