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Anycubic Kossel E3D v6 upgrade kit

Installing an E3D v6 hot end to Anycubic Kossel is not an easy task.
Some claim that you need just few parts like compatible shim, but it's a lie.
For some Chinese clones this may be true, but genuine v6 hot end is much shorter, have different adapter and doesn't have screwable tube holder like Chinese ones do.

Not only that, original Anycubic box designed poorly, resulting in reduced cooling right at the hottest point of the cold part of the hot end. This doesn't prevent it from working, but it can make a difference in your ability to print really hot, lowering your top reliable temperature by 20-30°C.
This doesn't matter when you can't go over 230°C anyways because of that PTFE, but for all-metal hot end being able to print PLA at 270°C could be really cool.

I do admire their effort to win extra 50mm of vertical building volume, but reliability and ability to use my machine to its full potential is more important to me, so I designed (and made) this thing.

You'll need this:

Do this:

Future plans:

I may or may eventually design part cooling fan modules for different fans.

But I'm happy with 5015 for now and don't have too too much free time.

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