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Magnetic Ball Joint Rod Ends

This can be printed with a layer height of 0.2mm or 0.1mm.

Use a shell thickness of 2mm, so that all of the walls will be printed with concentric circles, instead of back-and-forth infill.

For PLA, use a relatively low temperature, like 185C, so that the overhang inside of the ball bearing sockets comes out as cleanly as possible.

I use a 3/8" ball end mill to gently clean out the ball bearing sockets.

Note: I have to print out at least two of these at a time, to get the correct dimensions.  I usually print out a dozen of the ball bearing holders, followed by another of the rod ends -- ie. I usually don't mix them in one print run.

I use these with my magnetic effector:

And magnetic carriages:

Contact if you need an inexpensive source for the ball studs or magnets.

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