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Anet A8 & Hephestos BLTouch Mount- Simple installation!

A mount to add the ANTCLABS BLTouch to the BQ Hephestos Prusa i3. Users have reported this design also works on the Anet A8 and other printers.

This mount is easily installed behind the blower fan. (You may need longer screws) For firmware, I'm using Marlin RC-8. I've uploaded a .zip of the firmware currently running on the printer. Please upload to your printer at your own risk, I'd suggest you follow the setup instruction guide (particularly page 5) in the downloads and configure your current firmware rather than using mine. These instructions were not produced by me, I just uploaded them here because the link I had is now broken.

I'm using a z offset of -.45 .

Added a slot so the blower does not have to be unplugged for installation.

Onshape link for editing

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