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Brickwall Diorama Planter

I needed a planter for my desert rose (adenium obesum). So I started to design something. At this point it got all out of hands...

This is a diorama of an oldfashioned, dark and forgotten corner of an unknown street. Some might remember John Carpenter's movie "They Live" which I used for the billboards. If you do not like them, just leave the billboards away as they are optional.
The street lamp really works. Inside is a golden 5mm LED wired in parallel to a 1.5F goldcap capacitor. It can be charged with a 5V smartphone powerbank. The micro USB connector is on the backside. I used a 100 Ohm resistor (serial to the LED) to protect the LED. With a 10 seconds charge the LED will stay lit for about 15 minutes.

The lamp, the posts, the billboards, the manhole cover and the glas are printed at a layer height of 0.1mm. I recommend to use 0.2mm for the rest. Drybrush everything with dark colors to give it a used and grubby look. The planter, the posts and the lamp need support.

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