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Quadhands Helping Hands Tripod Mount Adapter

This is an adapter to turn a Quadhands Helping Hands workbench into a camera tripod for a Logitech C920 webcam.

To install, remove the alligator clamp from a 16" arm and screw the threaded stud into the small hole in the adapter. Screw the standard tripod screw on the other side into the camera. Be careful not to tighten too tightly or the screw may snap off. The cord can be secured to the arm with a twist tie. Attach the flexible arm to the steel base and adjust into desired position.

You can point the arm straight up with camera pointed towards you and use as a standard tripod. It can also be pointed straight down or at a side angle towards the workbench to record projects or use as a makeshift streaming rig. If you're filming the workbench you will need to diffuse the lighting somehow because of the shiny coating on the base.

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