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Individual buttons for Model Games Controller

This is part of the series of 30 exercises developed during the 3D4KIDS program. One of the aims of this Erasmus+ program is to improve the knowledge of teachers regarding the 3d printing technology by developing some specific training materials. More info in the website:

During this project, students have been researching into Games Controllers, Students would have created a Mood Board of existing products and analysed them. Students would have discussed where they could find relevant information. Students would have researched into Ergonomics and how it plays a part in the designing of a Games Controller. This is a group based activity where students work as part of a group to design their individual controllers.

Step 1: Students to research different types of button shapes – create a mood board from found images on the internet.

Step 2: Students sketch out the type of buttns they would like to add to their individual products – add annotations and decide which design (shape/s) would look best on their products

Step 3: Student to draw on Tinkercad their chosen idea(s)

Step 5: More able students might consider the texture of their button and adapt their drawing so that the buttons are shaped and more ergonomic and not just have a flat surface.

Step 6: Students to export their final design to Flash Forge Finder

Step 7: Students scale their drawing to allow the buttons to fit onto the controller. (The controller would have been cut from a piece of foam measuring 150mm x 200mm

Step 8: Students to print their buttons in their chosen colour to match/compliment their Model Games Controllers

Step 9: Student to attach their buttons with a hot glue gun and photograph their product.

Step 10. Students to complete the write up in their Production Logs on the processes they have just carried out.

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