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Versatile Spool Holder for 2020 extrusion frames

This is a versatile spool holder for 2020 (or 2040) extrusion frames. There is also a version for Prusa i3 MK2/MK3 style frames. It can be placed on the top of the frame (optional, there is a hole, if you want to secure it with an M3 bolt).

You can use smooth rods or threaded rods of 8mm,10mm,12mm diameter (one version for each diameter). With smooths rods you can use something like alexrosa's 3D Print Spool Holder Filament Support or boksbox's hub adapter. If you prefer a hub with bearings you can print a design like butchja's Universal Filament Spool Holder and mount it on threaded rod. You can use it as single filament holder or double filament holder (see photos and renders).

I also included a clip (one for each diameter) for smooth rods.

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