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Bird feeder for kids

If you have kids that like to watch birds, this may be handy to you. 
This bird table is ment to be fixed on a window with double sided scotch tape. 
It serves 2 purposes: 
1. it prevents birds to hurt themselves by crashing into your big windows. 
2. it enables kids to watch birds very closely, once they get used to it
It takes some time for birds to get used to it but once it's done, you'll have lot of them i can assure you. It will enable you to take nice pictures of birds. 
You can print this whatever color you like, this is not a bird nest so birds don't care about the color. On the contrary, flashy colours make them easy to spot. 
Important: you may want to use this bird table only in autumn and winter. Don't feed birds when there's plenty of food around, that will make them dependent on us. Rather, help them when food is scarce!



The supports are included, but you'll need to print slowly to get a good result. 
- 2 outside walls 
- 30% infill 
- 30mm/s print 
- print vertical


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