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TSOP Mount

This mount is for the TSOP311xx IR Receiver Modules from Vishay and is actually the 3rd version of the original design. It was made for use in the Robocup Junior Soccer Competition where robots chase an IR emitting ball. TSOP's lock on to the pulsed IR signal and can be used to determine the location of the ball. This was designed by Andrew Su of Team Pi which came 3rd at the Robocup nationals competition in Australia in 2013. 

This design can be mounted with M2 screws. It also has grooves on the side so it can be hot glued onto any surface. There is also a line down the centre to help with placement and ,on the back, the TSOP Mount points out the Vcc, GND and Output pins. 

TSOP31140's can detect the 40khz signal coming from the ball and these detectors can be purchased cheaply (about $1 each) from: 
Tris10 Robotics also offers FindBall systems and other robotics equipment. 

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