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Modular NAS for Raspberry Pi or NanoPi M4V2 with 2.5in Drives

This is a frame to make a NAS out of a Raspberry Pi 4 or a NanoPi M4 and some 2.5 inch laptop drives (files for 3.5" also included. You can use SSD or HDD. The design is modular so you can stack as many drives as you want. You will need:

Raspberry Pi BOM

Raspberry Pi Amazon shopping cart:

Nano Pi BOM

Nano Pi Amazon shopping cart:

Nano Pi M4V2:


(1) Either the Raspberry Pi mount or the NanoPi mount.
(2) Clips for each drive. If you have 4 drives, print 8 clips
(2) Risers (NanoPi or Raspberry Pi)
(2) Left Sides
(1) Fan mount (for Raspberry Pi only)

Assemble the drive clips on to each drive. Slide them on from the bottom and put the protrusions on the clip into the screw holes on the drive

Clip the Raspberry Pi into place. Make sure the indentation in the printed piece corresponds to the position of the SD card on the Pi.

Plug the fan into pins 2 (positive) and 5 (negative) of the Pi.

If using the NanoPi, note the direction, the USB ports should face the side marked BACK.

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