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PiMac - Raspberry Pi 7 Inch Touch Screen Stand (with Camera) V2

PiMac is a stand for the official Raspberry Pi Touchscreen screen.

Camera can be mounted for the Raspberry Pi and Tilt.

PiMac is designed to resemble an Apple iMac.

Up and down(Tilt) adjustment function was added.


1 x Raspberry Pi 7 Inch Touch Screen
1 x Raspberry Pi Camera

n x 3D Plinted Parts

9 x M3 x 12mm Bolts
5 x M3 Nuts
4 x M2 x 16mm Bolts
4 x M2 Nuts


Design Tool: SketchUp

3D Printer: PANDORA DXs -DIY Dektop 3D Printer

Slicer: Cura 15.04.6
Layer height (mm): 0.2
Shell thickness (mm): 1.6
Bottom/Top thickness (mm): 0.8
Fill Density (%): 15
Print speed (mm/s): 50
Print temperature: 200
Bed temperature: 0
Filament: PLA 1.75mm

Please download the rest of the files here. => https://pinshape.com/items/57208
You can download the new version V3 here.​

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