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pronounced: E M T (double) Z

This is the BEST and cheapest way to get a metal frame and stiffen up your Anet A8 (or other similar printer).

2x10' of 3/4" (23.8mm) EMT tubing ( you'll have a good length left over for other fun projects !)- $16
75x #10x3 /4 metal self-tapping screws - $7
3/4 of a spool of your preferred filament - $18

2 Z axis supports that are staggered front to back and left to right providing a more rigid frame. Does take quit a bit of measuring to get everything square but, when done correctly this is a super stiff frame.

Printed parts:
2-corner FL-RR
2-corner FR-LR
everything else should need only one print, but let me know if i forgot something.

Pipe cuts are as follows:
X: 3x 313mm
Y: 2x 364mm
Z: 4x 443mm

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