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E3Dv6 printhead mount for Ultimaker Original

This is a mount for putting the E3Dv6 hotend (3mm Bowden version) into an Ultimaker Original.
I strongly recommend you buy the full kit:
You will need most of the parts (such as the blue fanduct, screws and so on). Note that you can ask E3D to swap out the 12V cartridge for a 24V model, depending on your needs. DO NOT use the 12V standard cartridge from the kit with the UM original (19V), as this would run at a much higher power than intended!

This mount may fit other printers, as long as they use the same x-y gantry (6mm gantry shafts, with the Y-shaft 18mm higher than the X-shaft. See UM Original source files for details and bearings used.

This design is a derivate of my E3Dv5 hotend mount, which was a derivate of Nick Foley's "E3Dv5 integrated printhead", published on

My goal with this mount is:
1. Get solid, reliable performance
2. Optimize size & weight for maximum movement speed & maximum build size
3. Make it print reliably and without problems

Feature abstract:
- Easy to assemble using only two main parts
- Strong construction using self-tapping screws
- lightweight and (hopefully) aesthetic design
- Built-in cable management for clean and tidy look

I'm re-using Nick's fanduct, so you will need to get it from his design:

Instructions (short version, PDF documentation coming soon):
- Print every part the way it comes in the STL. No support needed, but use Brim.
- Do not scale (!)
- Use a 0.4mm diameter nozzle (such as the Ultimaker standard nozzle)
- Print with 0.1mm layer height, 0.8mm wall thickness (2 passes) and 100% infill

Use a material with very strong layer bonding and high temperature resistance. I strongly recommend using Colorfabb XT or a similar PET-G filament.
More details on the PDF documentation

V1.0.1 - july 8th, 2014
- Added PDF documentation (still work in progress, but the most important parts are there)
- Slightly modified the fanduct mount (opened wiring guides, made support thinner)
V1.0 - july 7th, 2014
- Finished design of main parts
- Hotend mount fits 100% snug for my prints

To do:
- Complete the PDF documentation
- Add pictures
- Add spacer ring to fix Bowden tube fitting in place (will not change existing parts!)
- Add fixture for TC amp board (will not change existing parts!)

Please do not hesitate to leave a comment if you have any wishes or problems with this design! I'm happy to help and improve it whenever I can!

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