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Armor for Elegoo Smart Robot Car V3 Plus

I purchased Elegoo Smart Car Robotics Kits for each my two boys for Christmas. It is a good opportunity to teach them Arduino programing. The Elegoo BLE software let's them design json scripts the robot can perform from a phone. But my oldest said it needed armor... So now it has some :)

I designed the covers in Solidworks using the great model by Stefan Peters on GrabCAD as my starting point (Saved me a lot of measuring). Parts can pretty much print with zero supports. Top cover is in two pieces and is fixed together with screws or M3 bolts (whichever you have on hand). Other than that no hardware is required, just what is already on the robot.

The covers let him play a little more roughly, and protects the electronics and wiring from Surprise Kitten Attacks :)

Files are included in STL, 3MF, STEP, X_T, and Fusion360. Feel free to modify, share, remix.

-UPDATE: I just added the "Shark Fin" cover my youngest had me design for his robot.

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