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Star Wars - AT-ST Scout Walker

One of the most legendary and wel known robots from the Star Wars movies.

I took the outline of the model from Google Sketchup user Guinlann, split it into printable pieces and added some chamfers here and there for some easier printing. I also removed some detail here and there to make it more printable.
There were a few errors in my own 3D STL's which were repaired by Germany-based Sven Grundmann. Credits to those guys for adding the awesome base 3D model and their help on getting the STL's printable!

The AT-ST Walker consists of 19 parts (18 STLs available, Kneepad goes
twice). Some of them are unique but many of them are mirrored versions.

1x Body part

2x Head back detail left (1x right, 1x left)

1x Head main part

1x Head mouth gun part

1x Head top part

2x Kneepad

1x Left ear gun

1x Left ear

2x Leg foot (1x right, 1x left)

2x Leg thigh (1x right, 1x left)

2x Leg hip (1x right, 1x left)

1x Neck piece

1x Right ear gun

1x Right ear

Have fun printing! Don't forget to show the result! :-)

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