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MGN12H G5 Mosquito/Mellow Tool Carriage

MGN12H G5+Mosquito/Mellow tool carriage with part cooling ducts

This tool carriage is to be mounted to MGN12H linear rail (or any other similar linear rail that has 20x20mm holes for mounting). The tool carriage expects linear rail to be mounted on top of the X brace (so not in front of it).

The hotend mount holes are for Mosquito by Slice Engineering or Mellow (Mosquito clone, not bad, but not as good as the original mosquito) hotend.

The integrated fan ducts are designed for two 50x15 blowers for maximum performance.

Extruder mount is for Flex3Drive G5 (latest and greatest) but if you want to go bowden just re-drill the filament hole on the holder and screw in the bowden tube holder and you are golden.

"blower screw holder.stl" is not required but you can print and mount it so your blowers are better secured. I myself like to glue blowers with glue-gun to the ducts.

If you are using bowden, you can use M2.5 screws and nuts provided with mosquito to secure mosquito to the holder but if you are using G5 you need to use M2.5 brass inserts for 2 holes where mosquito is to be secured and you need to use M2.5 brass inserts on 3 holes where G5 is to be secured to the holder.

belt clip - I use this to secure belt, just pull the belt trough a belt hole and clip on the belt-clip over the belt, I use this system for years never had a problem with belt loosening... this will not work with original belt as original is too short but if you are replacing belt it will be easy. If you are using original belt, cut (do not use fly cutters, use a saw or melt it) to cut a grove so you can pull your original belt loop like in the picture

Printing this prints .25mm layer, .5mm extrusion with .4mm nozzle in PETG on a rather shitty printer that is not very good doing bridges no problem, so you should be able to print this without any support easily.

* V1.0 - holes (ears) for the belt added. You can cut the channel on the top of the hole so that you can slide the existing belt in if you don't want to make a loop around ears, but I suggest going for the loop, it's better
* V2.0 - thickened ears getting them closer to 2020 so that angle of the belt is better and added ziptie anchors in front for easier cable management (for heater and sensor wire). additionally, v2.0 STL is properly oriented for printing without supports. UPDATE: v2.0 seems to be working rather well, the only issue is that arm of G5 is too close to the left blower so I either need to rotate the G5 or redesign the arm on it.
* V3.0 - widened the whole holder for ~6mm so that there's room for the G5 arm (was hitting the blower) and also added a 3 new holes for the G5 so it can be rotated 90 degrees so that arm comes to the front (instead to the left) making it easier to open to replace filament

I'm testing with some PRC blowers "magic dragon BFB0512HH 12V 0.32A 5015 centrifugal turbo fan" that are not too powerful and in rather noisy environment but here are some numbers (average values, measured 3cm from the device):

I'm not sure how they are quieter with the duct but..


To do:
* Test this in real life on 3d printer (so far in the air it all looks good, but need to see how will cables from RTD and heater fit in these tight spaces)

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