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Sli3DR - (pronounced Slider) 3D Printer

A few people have tried it out for 3D printing using off the shelf mechanical parts, I wanted to make it with 3D printed parts and Spectra Line based on this mechanism.

Tim Rastall was also designing a Super-big Tantillus called the Ingentis around the same time. I printed an early set of Ingentis parts, but after seeing the above mechanism I just had to design a printer based on it. I did borrow the style of Tim's Z-Axis arms, (Thanks Tim) everything else needed to be designed and had to be able to be scaled up or down.

Edit - This bit's updated for correct back credit of bringing the mechanism to the attention of the RepRap and 3D printing community - David Moorhouse over on G+ showed a cable bot design 1st November 2013, see here -

David's original video sparked great discussion over the mechanism, Tim Rastall made a great sketch of the 'unnamed mechanism' - still unnamed as far as I know.

Find out more about David's build over here -

If you have any problems with these files, try over on GitHub -


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