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Vertuoline Pods Rack v2 (ENCASED MAGNETICS)

This is version 2 of my original "Vertuoline Pods Rack (MAGNETIC)".

I've encased the 8x3-mm neodymium magnets for a smoother look and less of a chance for the magnets to come loose or scratch the surface of your fridge. This design is a few millimeters larger but you can still print 3 at a time on a 220x220 bed.

I used 0.2-mm layers. The print will need to be paused at layer 21 (may differ based on your printer settings) to place the magnets in the cavities. It's important to alternate the poles of the magnets so they attract adjacent racks when placed together. It's also important to make sure all your racks have this placement matched on all racks. This feature will be important with another addition I'll be adding later that will utilize this existing rack design. Finally, supports are needed for the top where there is the overhanging lip, but no supports for the magnet cavities.

The magnets fit loosely and will rattle slightly when the print is finished. You can put a drop of gel superglue in the cavities before placing the magnets if you prefer no rattle.

Please refer to the linked video.

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