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Randomized Circular Gallifreyan Coin

kitlaan's Circular Gallifreyan Coin with a few minor tweaks that I think look cool. - Lines cross the entire coin - Lines go in randomized directions. - Added 'seed' parameter. Change its value to change where the lines go. - Increased $fn to make the curves smoother (and Customizable). Same in all other ways. kitlaan rocks.

Download the .scad file and open it into OpenSCAD. If you don't already have it, download it from You know you want it.

Edit the script to set the word to whatever word you like. It needs to be a single word, all lower case, with no spaces or punctuation. Galifreyan is a very strict language.

Play with the size parameters and the 'seed' value until you like how it looks. 
Note that not all letter combinations are valid in Galifreyan. See for details.

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