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Glove box hinge - Ford Fiesta MK6 Fusion Lift 05-, Transit Connect (2002) (1464663 | 6S61-A2140-AA)

There are 3 models, because you need to print a hinge part laying on the side, so the solid line of filament makes a continuous C shape - it's much more strong structurally.
So you either:
- print the whole thing on supports, laying on its side
- print two parts - the BASE and TOP Models, and then glue them together. It's designed that the screw holds them together, so you don't actually need any glue, it's just for the part so it holds up together

30% fill, 4 lines wall - is plenty enough.

Whole part printed with PLA tested on Fiesta '07 - works perfectly (it's 11-th iteration - I made sure it fits!)
Glued part printed out of two models - TOP and BASE tested on Fiesta '07 - it's even better.

The Original part is made of POM (Polyoxymethylene) plastic, ABS and PLA+ works good, I beefed up the wall, so it's plenty strong

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