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USB Desk Mount

After replacing my monitor with a new one that didn't have USB outlets on the side, I spent a lot of time reaching under the desk to plug/unplug/replug stuff.

I designed this mount in an evening to hold the ends of a couple USB3 USB-A - to - A cables, as though the desk had built-in USB outlets.

I used Amazon USB3 Cables (ASIN: B014RWAMWC ) - there's no guarantee others will work, but you can look at this design for inspiration.

I never printed the single-cable mount, just the two-up, though the two-up was made from a couple copies of the single one, and the single one should work the same.

The mount uses a slight well to let the cable's fat logo badge sink in, and a little 1mm hump in front of the Type A jack, to prevent the cable end from working out.

It could be bettered by rounding the corners a bit. Original LWO file included so your buddy with Lightwave can fix this.

Be careful not to bust off USB drives plugged into your desk!

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