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This is a shade that can be used as a pendant lamp shade or as a bedside one (or decorative) with the given risers. Use E14 socket. Avoid tungsten bulbs and generally bulbs that get too hot.

The socket mount is spring loaded. Press the four elastic ends of the socket mount and place it inside the shade, 3-4 rows from the start.

I want to thank Erik Es for sharing his idea about creating this pattern. You can find the technique for this special pattern in the link.

You have to use the latest CURA (unfortunately it is not possible to use PrusaSlicer because there is not a similar feature, yet ). In the Print settings under Special Modes you can find Surface Mode feature, choose Surface. It is advised to use brim. For this size print I suggest 0.8mm or 1mm nozzle. If you print wood filament with smaller nozzles it may not be strong enough .


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