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HifiBerry Case

If you enjoy listening to music you will really love this tiny music player.

The player consists of:
* RaspberryPi 3B+
* HiFiBerry DAC+ PRO

Additional accessories:
* RPi Power Supply
* Micro SD Card
* 4 Nylon spacers

You will also need the 3D printed case of course!

This is an easy to 3D print case for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ (also compatible with 3/3B) and the HiFiBerry DAC/DAC+/DAC+ PRO. You can choose from two covers.

Assembly Instructions

Place the 4 nylon screws in the holes under the case. Place the RPi board on the case matching the holes with the screws. Then screw the spacers. Because it is difficult to hold all 4 screws simultaneously, try one at a time. After all spacers are in place, take the 3D printed RCA cover and put it on the RCAs then mount the HiFiBerry DAC pushing it gently for the GPIO pins to sit. Then place the top cover.
There is an animation, to visualize the process:

When you finish with the assembly of the player go to HifiBerry: for instructions.

Enjoy your music!

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