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Yashica Electro 35 LR44 Adapter — PX 32, EPX164, PX164, HM-4N, 164PX

After a sucess of previous model, i decide to improve the model by reinforced the adpator.
If you have an old camera that uses mercury cell batteries — PX 32, EPX164, PX164A, HM-4N, 164PX — i've design this adapter that allows you to use 4 LR44 replacing those old mercury cells that are not allowed and produced anymore, just print and put a coper wire et voilá!
You can install the batteries the way you want, just make sure you put them in the right direction on the camera, that's why I didn't draw the position of the poles on the adapter.
This model work for essentially anything that uses those discontinued mercury batteries, but was designed specifically for the Yashica Electro 35 line of cameras. Some of the battery names/models in question are the PX32, PX450, TR164 (Malory), & E164 (Eveready) batteries.
Designed to save material and weight.

Model Dimensions
Height: ~45mm (44.9mm)
Diameter: ~17mm (16.97mm)

Print Settings
Rafts: No
Brim: Yes
Supports: No need
Resolution: 0.2mm/layer (depended of the nozzle diameter)
Infill: 30%
Print Temp: 205º C
Build Plate Temp: 60º C

Post Printing help:
— There is no need sanding down for a friction-less fit in the battery chamber, but only a light sanding may be needed
— There is a hole in the print, going through the base, for electrical continuity. A copper wire will need to be threaded through this hole, and the ends bent. See pics to see details. It's super easy to do
— it can be used in any position/direction on camera, just check if the batteries polarity match with the camera polarity. The batteries should share the same polarity (direction) in the adapter
— The batteries removal are made to be easy, you just need to push with the nail

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