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Fast printing Cura project for the hands-free door opener by Materialise

You can order this with iMaterialise via this link:

To find the STL file, go here:

Use this Cura project if you have access to your own 3D printer and wish to help daycare, hospitals or other places people need to visit without getting infected by COVID19.

DISCLAIMER: the design is not by me but by Materialise. Because it's a matter of saving lives, I'm reposting a Cura project that will save time for printing it. See also tips and tricks below.

The original files are shared here:

How it works:

I also recommend looking into this alternative, which is foot-operated and probably is even safer:

My unsolicited advice: for places where people can work from home, don't install this but ask your employer if you and your colleagues can work from home.

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