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Low-Poly Chikorita

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Designing a low-poly Pokemon is the best way I found to represent the poor graphic quality the first Pokemon games had. So, here I present you the low-poly Chikorita, which is part of the Low-Poly project I'm developing. 

3D printers allow to make real the idea of catching all Pokemon, and I'm currently working to make all the Pokemon I can. You can check the collection clicking here.

This model is 5cm tall approximately. The model from the picture was printed with a Prusa i3, 0.2mm layer height, 0.5mm nozzle, 45mm/s speed and a cooling fan (I really recommend this!). The material used in this model is 3mm high quality PLA.

It was designed so it doesn't need support material, although each printer is different and it may be more difficult to print it depending on the settings. 

The Chikorita model has two parts. I decided to split it because it made it possible to design a more complex Pokemon with better printing results, and also to allow people to combine two different filaments. You can download the complete file (which includes both body and leaf) or each part separately in case you want to print each part with a different filament. 

// This design is based on Pokemon

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