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NiMh battery to Li-ion conversion and other stuff!

I got two perfectly fine makita power tools using the old NiMh post-style battery. Even if you find new batterys NiMh is way less effective as Li-ion. When Biltema launched their 18V MultiX system it became affordable to convert power tools to li-ion (instead of buying new tools). And while the base model for the battery interface was done it could be used for other useful stuff. It's a system to build on.

WARNING! Running li-ion batterys without monitoring them may cause death and destruction, both to you and your tools. Be smart!

These batterys are also branded and sold by Draper and Sealys. Possibly more brands.

I started by making wooden prototypes, they turned out well so I still use the on my tools! So that's another possibility if you want to.

UPDATE: I have added a template for the copper or aluminium terminals I use with this battery holder. I've also now converted one weed whacker from ryobi and a glue gun. These work very well with this adapter also.

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