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Open Source Protective Visor by MagnoliaTitanium

Why is this important?

COVID19 brought to us a challenge of unprecedented magnitude. In this challenge our first responders are running out of supplies and the supply chain is also disrupted due to the pandemic.

The news media reports about the supply chain are not reassuring "The US Food and Drug Administration has contacted dozens of medical device manufacturers whose facilities in China may be at risk of creating shortages in the supply chain -- and indeed, some facilities have already been disrupted by the coronavirus outbreak" (CNN)

Accounts of medical personnel at Hospitals in Portland, Seattle, and Alaska to name few are frightening and sad. for instance:

"My wife is an ER Nurse at a local Portland hospital, their team is caring for COVID19 patients with extremely limited resources. Each time she re-uses a face shield or N95 mask she is putting her life and her patients at risk. We are so scared for her. Please help"

"Know that you are helping one pretty scared pregnant ER doctor in Alaska. I will keep going to work- it is my honor- but its not great that we aren't protected from this disease that is killing health care workers at a far higher rate than the community."

Any community energy, creativity and ingenuity that can be directed against this horrible disease is very much appreciated by the medical community who are battling at the front lines.

What are we doing about it?

At Magnolia Titanium Open Source 3D maker studio we are manufacturing face shields and creating other protective gear to aid close this huge gap for our medical community.

We are using this model created by Jonathan Wong to print the face shields.

We are now working to improve the model and change the ends so that the elastic stays in place without having to open holes to it.

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