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ZipVisor FaceShield

This is a design to allow for high throughput small scale production of protective face shields for healthcare workers and others exposed hazardous materials. Fits comfortably and secure on any head size. US/EU style hole punch can be used for adding holes to the transparent sheet.

I modified and simplified the brackets for easier assembly and to allow vertical stacking. The brackets can easily be separated with a flat head screwdriver.
X2,X4,X8 vertical stacked model added, intended for 0.3mm layer thickness and 0.6mm extrusion width(0.4mm nozzle).

I decided to use zip ties as the main component and designed some simple brackets to hold the transparent sheet.

This reduces print time to only about 15 minutes/set and enables a stacked plate of parts. Basically 1 printer can produce 20-50 full visors/day given you have enough zip ties and transparent sheets.
Suggest printing in PLA or PETG. Zip ties are 4.8mm X 360mm.

The design should fit any head size and has a fairly comfortable and secure fit.
Possibilities for sterilization not investigated so far.

NOTE, the design is a WORK IN PROGRESS and has very limited real world testing!!!

I designed this for a Swedish hole punch with a 2 hole footprint, and it turns out this is a purely Swedish thing and the rest of the world uses "single hole" punches. I added a universal bracket that should fit any 6mm diameter hole enabling any punched sheets.
For more info on different sheets and dxf for laser cutting check out the great work at

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