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Covid 19 "No-touch" hand tool for buttons, switches, doors etc

This is a tool for navigating an urban environment without having to touch things like switches, buttons, door handles and more. It is a retractable hand tool with a modified hook that tucks away after use to avoid contamination of your pocket, purse, bag etc.

I have tested this on buttons, switches, pull door handles, sliding locks and more. I recommend squirting hand get into the button slider hole every so often to keep the hook free of contamination.

It can be printed in one go on a print bed or as separate parts. I have printed in PLA and it does seem to be quite strong. ABS or PCMax would probably be better but I have not tested them. The design needs a small elastic band to power the retraction. I have used a medium Lego Technic silicon band and a silicon Loom band and both seem to work well.

Do print these for vulnerable people around you first. I have sent some to my parents.

I do not accept any liability whatsoever for the use or misuse of this design. Please be aware that plastic parts will break or shatter if bent or over stressed. You agree to make, use and share this at your own risk

UPDATE - I have added an all-in-one screw together design but you will need 11 x M2 self tapping screws 5mm or 8mm length. The original glue together design is still here too.

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