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Modular Protective Visor

Europe 4-hole has been added. Individual files and a complete set are available for download.
This can be printed on a 140mm x 140mm bed. The build is 130x130 to allow for a raft

Complete sets for the North American 3-Hole and Sweden 6-Hole have been added.
These can be printed on a 140mm x 140mm bed. The build is 130x130 to allow for a raft.

Sweden 6_hole has been added, Euro 4_hole will follow shortly.

Keep checking back frequently for updates to these models. And as always, please provide feedback on assembly.

After some testing, a rubber band or elastic wrapped around the end hooks seems to work best when wearing this model. The connection the visor has a greater tendency to twist. I'll see if I can modify the print to be a little more rigid, but the primary concern is still being able to clean the visor as effectively as possible.

This model is near identical to the original protective visor. I modified to be modular to fit in a 3D printer with a bed as small as 100mm x 100mm (4"x4").

I've been printing it on an M3D micro, and other than deburring, the prints snap together very tightly.

As you can see in the head-shot photo, the visor stays together well and the clear sheet still fits snugly
Feel free to modify further, or provide suggestions!


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