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3DVerkstan Based Face Shield - Supercell Remix

Design based on 3DVerkstan Face Shield by Erik Cederberg

Remixed by Supercell

Key design additions:
- Easier to print pins with more secure visor fit
- Choice of options for different design requirements, such as extended visor distance from face or improved coverage of top cover
- Cleaner overall design
- STEP files available for any personal adjustments
- Stacked print files available

Design Options:
- Standard version similar to 3DVerkstan
- Open version similar to 3DVerkstan but with open top
- Cover version with widened top cover
- Extended Cover version with extended distance from face and widened top cover
- Extended Open version similar to extended cover version but with open top

Stacked Options:
One version contains adhesion supports to help provide adhesion between each band. This may give enough adhesion to prevent bands from warping, but I've added a version with no supports if needed.

Hole Spacing: Currently I have only made and tested the Europe 888 4 ring hole punch spacing. North America 6 hole 3 ring hole punch spacing and North America 3 hole spacing has not yet been tested fitted.

For further information on spacing, templates or guides on assembly, please refer to the original 3DVerkstan design

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

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