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Great Gargant Ork W40k

Here is my attempt to reproduced a great gargant, inspired by the original version in EPIC, and by the huge resin version by Armorcast.

It does not pretend to be an exact copy, it is a bit smaller than the original, but I tryed to be as similar as possible, considering my own taste and capacity, and 3D printing technology.

Most of the parts are mobile, you can place them as you like, you can remove or change wheapons, you can place arms on your favorite size. To allow this, do not glues parts, and use this specifique part (that can be replace by a smal bawl and a spring) to stick it in place and allow movement:


Please note this is still work in progress, I will post parts as soon as they become available. I need to draw the banner and some extra guns, and maybe a mechanical sword (alternative wheapon). I will upgrade both pictures and STL.
An excel files makes you able to calculate the final cost of this print, regarding choosen filament.
At the end of the project, I will add a drawing explaining the mounting. And of course some picture of my comleted and painted Gargant!

I will be dellighted if some makers print it and send me picture. Can't wait to see your versions!

The making of the Stompa is available here (french forum):


Do not hesitate to tell me if you see some mistake or if you get trouble during print.

Your email is used to contact you if we need more information.

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