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LED Tape Lighting Bar

I wanted to put some LED lighting on the underside of my bookshelf but didn't want to rely on the self adhesive of the LED tape for a permanent fixture. Additionally, I wanted to make a tidy job of the electrical connections, so I have created a box with lid for the connections and a housing for the LED tape which screws to the underside of the shelving.

The LEDs fit snugly into the shallow trough-like housing with no need to use the adhesive. Each length of housing is just over 200mm long. You will need a start end, finish end and a number of centre pieces to create your desired length of lighting. E.g. I have used a start and finish plus 4 centre pieces to create a lighting bar of 1.2 metres.

I have since printed this using "wood" filament with a 0.6mm nozzle and it worked a treat. It now blends in better with the wooden shelf to which it is attached.

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