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3DVerkstan Visor Stacking Remix N.A. 6-Hole Variant

This is a rebuilt version of 3DVerkstan's face shield visor (6-hole, North American version) modified to print stacked with no support.

The main modifications are a narrower bottom profile (to reduce adhesion to the visor below and for a cleaner bottom surface) and a peaked roof in the visor area (to prevent bridge sagging).

This prints well stacked with 0.25mm layers (including the first layer) and 0.25mm separation in PETG on my Prusa i3 MK3. I've included a single visor STL as well as stacks of 4 and 8. These take about 40 minutes each to print with my settings.Please comment or contact me if it would help for me to provide taller pre-made stacks.

The stacks were exported from PrusaSlicer after arranging with a small cylinder connecting them (as shown in the snapshot) as demonstrated here:

This was remodeled in Onshape based on the imported mesh:

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