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Bidet with Replaceable Nozzel


Worried about TP shortage?

Just want a cleaner experience?

Totally SOLD OUT of Bidets?

Print your own Bidet!!! The print flat and heat form design makes installation and assembly a breeze. All parts sourced from local hardware stores.


there are 2 designs, one specifically for my easy clean toilet seat so I didn't need to unscrew anything, and another that should work with any lid (requires removing screws). feel free to adjust design in blender/etc.


Got help with this from Home Depot Employee Art! Thanks Art!

  1. Faucet to Diverter supply line - shown in blue

  2. Supply line to diverter coupling required - green

  3. Shower head diverter for switch - light purple

  4. Diverter to toilet tank connection, you'll need new one!!! - orange

  5. Line from diverter to bidet, Coupler: needs plumbers tape, wrap in direct of thread tightening - red

  6. PushFit - yellow

  7. Line to bidet nozzel - bottom edge of image

Note: Adjust as available parts 5 through 7, the following parts were the only ones available at the hardware store I visited, you could use a smaller push fit and supply line if the appropriate adapters are available

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