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Verkstan Face Shield North American 6 Hole Fixed

This is a fix of the original 3D Verkstan Face Shield

I have added a flowchart file for you to easily determine which file you need to download

To be used with a normal American 3 hole punch with a half inch spacer and a 8.5x11" sheet of plastic. Print out the 1/2" spacer here:

Place the spacer on the fixed end of the 3 hole punch. Punch your sheet, flip it over, and punch again. That way you have 6 holes on one side.

If you are in north america but you have an A4 sheet of plastic, you can use the files with the name "A4" in them. Same use of the 1/2 spacer.

If you are using the TEMPLATE from the original verkstan face shield north america 6 hole instructions done by either laser cutting or single hole punch, download the file ending in "forSHP". There is also a version without tabs with the ending "notabs" if you have difficulty getting the material on the pegs.

If you find that without the tabs the film comes off the backmost pegs, you can use a dab of superglue (cyanoacrylate) to hold them in place. The glue is not in contact with the user and is generally considered safe when cured.

UPDATE 4/13/20 3:20 PM. I have added a flowchart to make it easier for people to determine which file to use
UPDATE 4/13/20 11:50 AM. I have added a single hole punch version without tabs by request.
UPDATE 4/12/20 7:01 PM. I have added a version compatible with Erik's original face shield template to be used with single hole punch or laser cutter.
UPDATE 4/11/20 9:57 PM. I have rounded off the posts for easier assembly.
UPDATE 4/11/20 12:07 AM. I have added a 1mm chamfer on the bottom to make it easier to remove and to reduce a lip on the bottom.
UPDATE 4/10/20 6:50 PM. I have added files compatible with A4 sheets of plastic.
UPDATE 4/10/20 1:25 PM. I have added the tabs to the backmost posts and increased the post length for more secure attachment.

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