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Ear saver UM S5 project file

This was designed by Makers4ALL. I'm simply posting a Cura project file for the Ultimaker S5 and a version that is modified to be a dual color version (so the heart can be red. Find the original STL here on Thingiverse. It was based on Version 4. There might be a newer one published there.

Important: I lowered the height so it's 1.6 mm high instead of the standard 2.0 mm. The flexibility of a thinner version makes it more suitable for printing in PLA. I'm using tough PLA, which is not brittle at all, so you can now bend this at a tight radius and it will bend back to its original shape (and won't break either). With more brittle types of PLA it probably is a good idea to make it slightly thinner.

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You can wear it like this:
wearing it

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