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Unload and repeat-routine and hook for Ender 3 & 3 Pro

A lot of people are printing visors these days due to the corona crisis. You are all heroes! As for myself, I tend to have a lot of other stuff to do. So I can't always spend time with my printers. That normally means a very low efficiency when it comes to print large quantities.
That's why I got very excited when I noticed that some guy made his Prusa do the unloading of the object for him! Automatically. It simply pushed it off the print bed.

But the thing was that I didn't want to apply so much force that was needed for my printer to push the visor loose. Luck strikes again! A guy named Martin Bardosson aka
just released a visor design with a loop!

So I made this hook to work with that preexisting design of a visor with a loop. No bad pressures on the printer.

In this guide, I will try to explain how you can try this method on your own printer. But since I do not own the design of the looped visor, which also is the Swedish version I will not share it. It is originally a remix of But you can really use any visor you want. Just add a loop to it.

I can't just upload my Gcode since all printers are different. I can't even use the same code on my 2 almost identical ones. So this project is not for everyone. It does require some knowledge of Gcode.

Try this at your own risk. I won't be held responsible for any damage this could cause you or printer.

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