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(NEW) COVR3D V2.08 - FDM 3D print optimised mask in 15 sizes (also for children)

With this mask we, as developers of individual medical aids, want to enable the production for the protection of all.*

The mask is specially optimized for FFF (or FDM) 3D printing. It can be printed without supports and is designed to save space.

This version offers the following changes compared to V2.03:
- additional XS versions also especially for children
- larger filter holder for better breathing
- distance between mouth and filter holder increased

You can find our version history here:

With the measurement instructions and the size chart you can choose your better fitting mask. For more information please visit our customisation guide:

For more information about possible protection, suitable filter materials, etc. please visit our medical instructions:

You can find our 3d-print settings and information about the usable 3d-print filaments here:

We can also adapt our mask to a specific face (primarily for professionals) by means of a video and an automated script. You are welcome to test our beta-version:

Stay healthy!

Georgios, Tino, Ioannis, and Leonardo
Think3DDD GbR. and Progekta Europe P.C.

Our Project Site:
Our Website:

*Note: Our open source publicated masks are not the final versions. There may be extensions / changes due to subsequent improvements. Our masks are currently not medically certified. We cannot assume any liability for the quality of the printed objects. So far there are only studies that suggest protection of others but not the wearer of the mask. The masks only protects if a filter material is inserted. How well the mask protects depends on the filter material and the fit. Please do not forget the other hygiene measures, this mask does not replace them.

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