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Finger Snowboard

My son and a friend asked me to make some Finger-snowboards. Kids love them and it's my fav 3DP giveaway these days! I usually print them in PLA and then put the tip's in boiling water to bend them up a little. Stickers are great for personalising the boards.

To make two-color versions, I use 3mm plastic that is about 50cm long and then change to a different color boots. How much you'll need to use on your printer will vary, but experimenting is fun!

The boards in the images were printed with PLA from Faberdashery. To bend the ends, just heat the tips of printed model in warm tap water and bend to get the right curve. To get a different color on the bottom of the board, just stick in a 10 cm piece of the bottom material before feeding in the upper material. Rhino file enclosed.

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