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"Nanohack 2.0" face mask - Lost World Order remix

Copper 3d's "solidrim" face mask fits my face pretty good, but the version you can download at (or comes without a logo (or other pattern to increase airflow).
Good thing the CC BY-NC 4.0 license allows remixes!

As Lost World Order are about to play their last concert in december (see for more info on that), their old logo (from "This Apparatus Must Be Earthed!") has the right shape and "Endzeit Thrash Metal" goes well with face masks anyway, I extracted that via Inkscape and stamped it.

Furthermore I wanted to use the headstrap from some old ski goggles, so I altered the fixture for that.

Copper 3D stuff for this specific version is included, but I left out the version with separate rim here.
Read their explanations - I reject any responsibility for health issues.
This is NOT personal protective equipment (PPE).

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