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Mini music notes fidget spinner V2

About this new version:
This version is much smaller and thinner than the original; 6cm instead of 9.5cm.
Also one line of the staff has been added above/below ledger lines to help recognizing notes better.

This fidget spinner helps learning note names of the notes below, above or on the four ledger lines, above or below the staff you use.

The idea is, to keep it in your pocket, an use it when there is nothing else to do.

Each side of the spinner has only four notes to practice. Practicing a small group of notes at one time makes it easier to memorize.

Each time the spinning stops, you can look at the upper picture on the spinner, to practice the ledger notes above the staff. Or, if you look at the bottom picture on the spinner, you can practice the ledger notes below the staff.

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