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Music for 3d printer

This python script converts MIDI files to Gcode your printer can play, transforming it into a music player that sounds like R2D2 !!
It will use X,Y and Z as 3 separate "voices" thus making your printer a polyphonic instrument.
Forked from the known Mid2CNC by Michtom (among others) I added a graphical interface because I hate writing commands...

So basically you just launch the script and click the right type of machine, then select what file you want as input, where you want to save the output and you will have a nice Gcode file for your printer.

I forgot to include the easygui library. So now it should work "out of the box".

You have to place the printhead approximately in the middle of the platform and the nozzle at least a few mm above it.
The head will move around XY and Z will never get closer than the start point.
You don't need to home the axes (stay in the middle) and you don't need to put the heat on (no extrusion will occur)

There are a few bugs and not all midi files will give good results. Also my code sucks, but hey, it works. Kinda...

I enclose a bunch of files I know work with an Ultimaker Original.
The mp3 file is my recording of the Imperial March (J.Williams), concerto for three axis and plywood.

The whole thing is available here:
Feel free to fix/improve!
It should work on any non-delta printer, just edit the parameters in mid2cnc.py
I wonder if this could be done for a delta printer (type kossel/rostock etc.) ???

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