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DJI Mavic Mini recovery buoy

This recovery float is intended for easy recovery after a fall into the water.
The Mavic Mini will be irreparably damaged, but whoever is covered by disaster insurance will be able (maybe) to return it to receive the replacement.
It is therefore suitable for those who takes off into the open sea from a boat.
It must be aware that this addition exceeds the limit of 250 grams, so in many countries the drone must be registered.

170 grams of positive thrust in fresh water should ensure its floating, but it is my assessment that could be wrong. For obvious reasons, I cannot perform a real test. I therefore do not take responsibility and if you decide to use it for a recovery after a fall in the water, you do it under your responsibility knowing that floating is not guaranteed.

The buoy is conveniently fixed with two zip ties, but to further reduce weight, it would be better to use a technical lacing tape, of the type used in the aerospace industry. This is what I often use instead of zip ties:

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