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Filter Shield for BEmask: Accessory for a COVID-19 PPE Face Mask

The BEmask is designed to supplement the supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that often has limited availability during the COVID-19 Pandemic Crisis. The 3D printed face mask is reusable (after cleaning) with replaceable filters (that should be discarded once they are exposed to potential infectious environments).

It is not uncommon to see first responders wearing a secondary filter mask on top of the main protective device in order to protect the aerosol filter from liquid droplets that may be contaminated and propelled through the air. The Shield for BE mask protects the filter from such contamination.

The BEmask is preferably 3D printed from flexible TPU filament for maximum comfort and sealing against the face of the user. However, the frame that holds the filter in the flexible mask is printed with rigid filament such as PLA in order to provide a reliably tight fit with the flexible mask.

Similarly, the shield should be printed with rigid filament for the same reason. The shield simply snaps onto the front of the mask and is held in place by friction.

Design files for the BEmask is provided at the following sites:



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