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Battery Dispensers (5 versions)

My additions/modifications are:
- Mounting options for both screws and magnets (10x2 magnets, these:
- This design prints in one piece, which increases part strength
- Expanded capacity, with around 13 batteries per size (for the V1 and V2 version)
- An added stand allowing you to place the battery dispenser on a table or desk

You can print this part in one piece, with the orientation shown in the last picture. This does mean that you need some support material. It took just under 13 hours on my printer. Note that the orientation shown in the image holds true for the versions without a stand. The version with stand can be printed as upright. All .stl files should have the correct orientation.

Can be used with AA and AAA batteries.

Edit: There are two files included, battery_holder.STL and battery_holder_V2.STL
The first version can be mounted using screws only, but the second version can be mounted using magnets too. In this version, there are three cut outs at the back where you can glue 10x2mm magnets in place. This version still has the screw holes in them, for more flexibility.

Edit 2: Added a third version with AA batteries on the front and AAA on the back.
I haven't printed this version myself, so I don't know how well it works. This version also
has mounting holes for both screws and 10x2mm magnets.

Edit 3: I've added another version with stand!
This version still has the AA in front and the AAA in the back, but this time with an added stand. You can now place this battery dispenser on a table, desk, etcetera. There's still some need for support material, although it is a small amount

Edit 4: All .stl files have been re-uploaded to have the correct print orientation!

Edit 5: Version with stand and AAA in the front and AA in the back.
This file is labeled as "battery_holder_V3_stand.stl" or "battery_holder_V3_stand.3MF".


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