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Half a Golf Ball

A super-simple half-golf ball design that you can use to (just about) make golf balls. It's actually a derivative of, but the mesh on that design was really badly damaged so I've cleaned it up a bit.

Note: this design is actually just the outer shell - Cura decides it should put in a base and then infill into it. Ideally, the model itself would be hollow with a thick outer "skin" of a golf ball. I didn't get that far with it ;-) I'm also not sure two of these halves actually join together exactly correctly. They're not going to pass any sort of quality control down at the clubhouse!

This was made because my kids wanted a ball with an eccentric weight in it so that their mum couldn't win at crazy golf (actually, they wanted a magnetic ball so it would get sucked into holes so they could win every time - but that's not so likely to work!). I printed one half with more shells and infill than the other and then glued them together - it doesn't roll straight.

I'd recommend lots of shells - I used a "wall thickness" of 3.2mm (with a 0.4mm nozzle), and 20% infill. Each half takes about an hour to print with 0.15mm layers, but comes out with pretty good detail.

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