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Filter cleaning adapter for Xiaomi Roborock S6 vacuum

This is a strange use case: use a traditional vacuum cleaner to clean a robotic one.

The official robot cleaning guide says you have to clean the dusty filter with tapwater. If you do so you close the pores of the filter by creating a thin, cement-like layer on the filter's surface and it will be useless after a couple of cleaning.
To prevent this clean your Roborock filter by just using an old vacuum cleaner instead and you will never have to buy new filters again in every month or so!
Just connect the Roborock filter to the old vacum using this adapter and turn on the suction and in a few seconds the filter will be cleaned properly.

I have designed the adapter to fit to my Roborock S6's filter but I guess the S60 S65 S5 MAX T6 models are also using the same type. Also you can easily alter the Fusion 360 design to match with other filters:

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